Top 5 Paying URL Shorteners in 2019

If you’ve been on the internet for some time I’ve no doubt you’ve come across a link that has been shortened. Shorteners just turn links that look like this: “” to this: “”. Typically all these services do is shrink the link and that’s it, but there are paying URL shorteners out there that will give you money whenever someone visits your links. These paying services work by showing banner ads, pop-up/under ads and/or interstiial ads to users visiting your links. Paying URL shorteners will pay you per unique visitor, meaning visits from the same person (IP) even if they view different links, will not count more than once. There are some exceptions to this, some sites actually do reward you for repeat visitors, albeit at a drastically reduced profit. Typically users will be counted as unique again after 24 hours have passed. This number can also vary from shortener to shortener.

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding on how these paying URL shorteners work let’s get into our top 5 URL shorteners to use in 2019! has grown to be our favorite paying URL shortener to use in 2019 simply because of all the useful features that they have and their payout rates. You can change how you want the service to handle visitors with adblocking software in three ways: Light (Asks them to disable it), Moderate (2x wait time) and Heavy (Blocks access to the link destination). Beyond that they have a lot of useful tools such as a mass shrinker, wordpress plugin and a website script that can be customized to meet your needs. This script can even monetize your bounce rate by showing ads to users that exit your site. They even have a shop where you can get cool rewards such as 10x random steam games for $4.87 as well as outright buying steam games. Their payout rates are around: US:$13 UK:$12 CA:$5 AU:$8 has been around for a very long time and has always kept up with the curve by adding new features and upgrading their website design. Their commitment to remaining one of the best paid URL shortening services out there is one of the main reasons so many still use their service to this day. They have loads of awesome tools to use in order to make sure you monetize your content completely. Their payout rates are around: US:$17 UK:$11 CA:$8 AU:$6 is a great choice if you live in Greenland or he Netherlands simply because their payout rates for those regions are quite good. They offer many of the same tools as the other paying URL shorteners in this list. Their payout rates are around: GL:$21 NL:$7 CA:$4 DK:$4

Cut URLs

Cut URLs has steadily been improving for quite some time and they have been consistently adding better features including broadening their payment methods. Back when I first started using them I managed to rack up around $23 USD and had to withdraw as Bitcoin, as that was the only option for US at the time. They did pay relatively quickly and I received the full amount, so I can personally attest to their legitimacy. Their payout rates are around: US:$9 UK:$7 CA:$7 AU:$10 has a nice looking website and a simple, straight-forward design. They do lack some of the features and niceties that the other paid URL shorteners posess. They do get the job done, and if you only need a solid link shrinker without any bells and whistles, then this could be the site for you. Their payout rates are around: US:$4 UK:$4 CA:$3 AU:$5


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