Get Paid to Search the Web in 2019

So you’re looking for ways to earn money online so you start researching and are instantly flooded with tons of information and articles claiming you’ll earn loads of money for completing surveys and such. Who honestly wants to spend all that time answering surveys? Sure, some people do enjoy them and yes; you can earn a decent amount from them, but for the rest of us who are easily bored, what do we do? Well what if I told you that you could get paid to search the web? What if I also told you that you could earn money passively without changing up your routine much? Well if you’re interested, keep reading and I’m sure this list will help you out.

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GPT Sites

These Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites are quite plentiful and can be a decent starting place for what we want to accomplish here. The best part is, most of these can be set up to passively earn you money. All you typically need to do is either download an app, install a browser extension or set your default search engine to their specific engine. Then, whenever you perform a search, you can earn some money. Just a disclaimer for this, don’t expect to earn a lot from this method, at most you’ll earn pennies here and there. That being said those pennies will add up, and it’s all passive income.


Swagbucks is dominating the GPT scene, they have well over 10 million registered users and have given out more than $100 million dollars in rewards and cash so far. When you look a little deeper it’s easy to see why they have remained so successful over the years. They offer many ways to earn SwagBucks (SB) and are always adding new features to improve their user’s experience. They also have a huge selection of reward options to pick from.

But we are here to talk about getting paid to search the web. Swagbucks has a browser extension that rewards you randomly when you perform searches through it. It will also alert you when you could earn cash back while shopping which is a nice bonus. You can also set your default search engine to Swagbuck’s to make sure you never miss a chance to earn some points!


InboxDollars has a very interesting concept when it comes to searching and earning because instead of earning points or money, you earn progress on their Scratch n Win game. It works like your typical scratch off ticket, match 3 values shown and get that value. There are three tiers on the game with the last one capable of netting you $100 if you’re lucky. You can also watch their “TV” which is a playlist of videos and earn SnW progress too! I understand you do not technically get paid to search the web and instead get scratch tickets to search the web, but you’ll still earn some decent money in the long run.


MyPoints is another GPT site that offers many ways to earn including searching the web. Unlike the other in the list, they don’t offer a browser extension or any way to set their engine as your default. This means to earn with them you’ll have to navigate to their website in order to conduct your searches. One way around this however, is to simply set the search page as your home page.


SendEarnings is ran by the same company that owns and operated InboxDollars so you know it’s trustworthy. You can get paid to search the web and earn with them, but you won’t be able to add a browser extension or change your default search engine with them either. Similarly to their other site, after 4 qualifying searches you are randomly rewarded a prize, typically between .01 – .10 cents.


Qmee is a browser extension and mobile app that will reward you whenever you search, shop or give your opinions by taking surveys. You simply install it into your browser or your mobile device and then use them like you would normally. If the app detects that a coupon is available or that you could get cash back it will alert you. As you search and browse your favorite sites, you will also be passively earning some money as well!

Nielsen Digital Voice

Nielsen Digital Voice is and app that runs in the background of your mobile device and collects anonymous information based on your search habits, favorite sites, interests and more. As long as you have this app installed, you’ll always be earning sweepstakes entries in the background. The best part is there’s nothing else to do, you just stick to your normal routine and cross your fingers that you’ll be a lucky winner of their $10,000 monthly sweepstakes.

Ask Wonder

Ask Wonder is a website where users sign up as researchers after taking a test or two and filling in all the basic info required. Once you’re hired as a researcher, you’ll be given jobs in which you’ll have to, well, research and back up all of your findings with legitimate sources. This site is definitely not passive and will require actual work on your end, but it will result in a fatter paycheck at the end. You can get paid upwards of $20 for one task depending on how thoroughly researched and accurate your answers are, so if you enjoy this kind of work then this could be a right fit for you.

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