10 Websites to Earn Money or Free Gift Cards Online in 2019

Here is our top 10 favorite websites in 2019 (so far) that you can use to earn money and/or free gift cards online, right now. If you notice that a particular site has been on previous lists of ours, then it’s simply because we really love that website, so expect duplicates. There’s no particular order and we’ve included sites that compliment each other very well, meaning using them in combination/simultaneously with other sites will maximize your earning potential. Not all websites on this list will offer gift card payment options or cash withdrawal options. If you’d rather only see websites that give out gift card rewards, you should read our 7 Ways to Get Free Gift Card Codes Online article. This list is out top picks of 2019 so far which means this list is bound to change as the year goes on. Once it does we will make another post of our top sites then.

Some links below may be affiliate links in which we will receive financial compensation, this does not affect their ranking.


InstaGC is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website that pays users to take surveys, download apps, complete tasks, watch videos and more. Just like other GPT sites they offer gift cards as rewards once you’ve earned enough points to redeem. They can also pay you via Direct Deposit and PayPal transfer. They also boast a very low minimum payout requirement at $1 which is equal to 100 points. They have been going strong for a quite a while and have rewarded their uses with hundreds of thousands of gift cards over their lifetime. There are sales on the gift cards from time to time, so it’s recommended to wait until then to redeem points.


SendEarnings has been in the GPT game for quite some time and is ran by the same people that run Inbox Dollars, which is why it looks and feels nearly identical to Inbox Dollars. SendEarnings offers many gift card payment options and a $5 dollar sign up bonus! Be warned, their minimum payout requirement is quite steep at $30, which can be offset if you utilize all the ways to earn money. They have earning methods from taking surveys all the way to searching the internet and watching videos. So be sure you use all the methods available to you and you won’t have much trouble reaching the withdraw requirement.


Swagbucks has been talked about in many of our articles and it’s simply because we thoroughly love their site and all the ways they allow users to earn Swag Bucks. Swag Bucks or “SB” are the points that users earn that can be redeemed for cash/gift cards once they’ve reached the minimum withdrawal amount of $3 (300 SB). They are constantly improving their site and service as well as adding new ways to earn so we couldn’t possibly list all the ways to earn with them. Here are just a few of the ways they we use to make money with Swagbucks: surveys, shopping (cashback), videos, search and completing simple tasks. We highly recommend Swagbucks to anyone looking to earn some extra cash on the side.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards gives out points to users that play games, shop and search on Bing. Users can also participate in weekly/daily activities to earn even more points. They have a limited selection of gift card options to pick from, but if you’re an xbox user it could definitely be worth checking them out!


Adf.ly is a paying URL shortener that is probably one of the oldest ones still going strong. They are constantly adding new features that can increase your earnings and you can even order advertising from the same account! They really streamline the experience of shortening links and offer the ability to organize your links into folders.

Cut URLs

Cut URLs is another paid URL shortener and does a fantastic job at it to boot! Creating an account is very simple and they offer many ways to get paid. At the moment you can request payout via PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Web Money and more. They are very good about adding new link domains and features regularly and they do payout, which I have personally confirmed.


Shorte.st is one of the relatively newer paying URL shorteners out there and has a very nice interface and user friendly link shrinking setup. They claim to have some of the highest payout rates for the US / UK at $14 and $10 per 1000 visitors respectively.


UploadOcean is a file host that pays you whenever someone downloads your files. They have a lot of interesting features such as a file copier and a torrent leach. They also have a referral system which is always a bonus in my book. This website is wonderful to pair with a paying URL shortener to maximize your earnings. Just be sure and shorten the links to your file downloads with a good shortening service and you’ll earn money from the click and the download!

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny rewards users in a very interesting and unique way by offering free gift cards and cash by buying discounted gift cards that were previously owned. Yeah you read that right, you get paid just to buy a discounted gift card from someone who doesn’t want it. It’s a basically a gift card exchange only you also just straight up are rewarded for buying the cards at a lower price. So if you got a gift card you aren’t ever going to use that’s just collecting dust, sell it here and buy a gift card that you’ll actually use, and be rewarded for it!


Dosh is a very nice cash back app that automatically earns you cash back after you link your credit card to your account. Anytime you shop at participating stores you’ll get your cash back without having to scan a single receipt. You really have nothing to use by using this awesome app!


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